Unix day — 3 : Removing dupes from file

How to clean up your dictionary file for bruteforce attack

How to find and remove duplicate words in your dictionary file

At some point in time when you learn cracking passwords, you will have to end up creating your custom dictionaries . Over time these dictionaries grow as you add in more words . And that’s when you find it important to remove the duplicates from this file .

View the dictionary file

$ cat 1.txt password

Note : the words password and hello are duplicated

sort 1.txt | uniq > out.txt

This sorts the words in 1.txt and pipes to the uniq command , which gets all the uniq words in the list and pipes it out to a desired file ( out.txt ) which has only the unique files. Conversely, in case you want to get only the list of duplicate words , use this argument :

sort 1.txt | uniq -d > dupes.txt

Sometimes the last word might not have a carriage return ( a new line ) . So this might be mistakenly taken as a unique word in the list

Note: some cracking software like hashcat does this check before each run . But it is good to have a clean dictionary to begin with.

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