The increasing Security concerns from Facebook

Why the social media giant is becoming an increasing threat to the security of your data

Security policy in Facebook has to be reworked.

Facebook is normalizing its data-leaks .

“The media attention around the data leak of 533 million users will die soon”

That was one of the messages that was passed on within the Facebook Corporate mailing threads — according to a supposedly leaked internal email.[1] which was sent accidently to a Belgian news agency [2]

Excerpts of the mail below —

Part of a mail within Facebook PR team on how to handle the news of the data-leak involving 533 M users.

It reads —

LONG-TERM STRATEGY : Assuming press volume continues to decline, we’re not planning additional statements on this issue. Longer term, though, we expect more scraping incidents and think it’s important to both frame this as a broad industry issue and normalize the fact that this activity happens regularly. To do this, the team is proposing a follow-up post in the next several weeks that talks more broadly about our anti-scraping work and provides more transparency around the amount of work we’re doing in this area. While this may reflect a significant volume of scraping activity, we hope this will help to normalize the fact that this activity is ongoing and avoid criticism that we aren't being transparent about particular incidents.

Read the story about the fall out of the Facebook data leak and why the Irish digital activists group is filing for a mass action lawsuit against Facebook in the link below :

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