Setting up Kali Linux Environment

A step by step graphical tutorial on setting up Kali Linux on your windows box

Step 1 :

Download VMWare Workstation Player ( for windows ) and the Kali Linux ISO. ( Alternatively, you can directly download the VMWare image for Kali Linux directly — But we will be doing the first option )

Step 2 :

Install the VMWare Environment ( straight forward )

Step 3 :

From your VMWare setup, start your installation process ( select the Graphical Install option )

Chose your Language
Installer checking for space requirements
Checking network settings for your environment
Configuring the hostname
This is the name for the user ( not the login )
creating the login
choose your password
Create partition
Your new Kali Linux Environment

Setup Complete :

You are all set for using your new Kali Linux environment and it will look like this when you first login .

Enjoy exploring your environment and happy learning.

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