Data breach claim: Tata Communications

Claim from hackers on Data Leak from Tata Communications

Tata Communications (a major Indian Telecom company part of the Tata Group, with US Offices in Burlingame, Santa Clara, New York and Montreal) seems to have joined the list of the organizations that has been hit by the latest data breach. Read about this here.

The details on the severity and the depth of the breach has not been officially communicated yet. ( At this point — it is just a claim made by the hacker(s) )

But here are the details that we know as of now —

When did it happen : Around March 15 2021

How do we know about it :

  • A linked in post from Pifi Technologies (a securities consultant company) regarding the data bein available on darknet forums

What are the traces : Data of over 50 GB are still out in the wild, up for sale.

Here are some of the screenshots from the dark web portal —

Closing Note:

Ironically , in 2018 , Tata Communications had written a lengthy and detailed blog on how they had learnt lessons from a data breach which happened at SingHealth, Singapore’s largest healthcare provider, which was titled “Lessons from the recent Singapore data breach” [1]

Now its their own turn. What better way to learn a lesson from something that happens to oneself.

We are waiting for an official communique regarding the same from the officials at Tata Communication .

Updates ( as on 14 April 2021 )

  1. It has come to light that the hack via one of the through one of the contractors who managers their servers — Route Mobile (a communications platform Head Quartered in Mumbai,India)

2. Officials from Tata Communications and Route Mobile have, however, denied any evidence of the data leaks from their respective ends.


[1] Tata Communications suffers data leak, hackers claim to have sold access to company’s servers, over 50GB data still up for sale

[2] Lessons from the recent Singapore data breach — part 1


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