A step by step graphical tutorial on setting up Kali Linux on your windows box

Step 1 :

Step 2 :

Step 3 :


What are the major flaws in Ring , Bus and Star topologies

Ring Topology

Bus Topology

Over 90% of LinkedIn user data leaked

What has been leaked ?

  • email addresses
  • full names
  • phone numbers
  • physical addresses
  • geolocation records
  • LinkedIn username
  • profile URL
  • personal and professional experience or background
  • genders
  • other social media accounts and usernames.

When was it leaked ?

How do we know about it ?

How to merge multiple files and dedupe the lines in the files

  • What should I do if I bring in a file from windows to unix to do text operations ?
  • What are the steps to dedupe the entries in multiple file ?
  1. merge all the files
  2. sort them
  3. dedupe the entries in the file

Unix Solution :

How to prevent some common mistakes in grep

1. Searching for special characters

Lets take an example .

$ grep ‘sha1$’ pass.txt …

How to clean up your dictionary file for bruteforce attack

How to find and remove duplicate words in your dictionary file

Why do you need to do this ?

Enter Unix

$ cat 1.txt password

Unix Solution :

University of Hertfordshire, UK joins the new list of varsities that have faced a bout of cyber attack



The aftermath of LinkedIn data leak of 500 Million Users

Data from 500M LinkedIn profiles was available for sale


What we know so far about the Bizongo.com data breach

From the bizongo.com site
  • Who : Bizongo.com ( a B2B supply chain automation platform ) — registered as Smartpaddle Technology Pvt. Ltd., located in India. Has big Retail eCommerce clients like Flipkart, Amazon, Swiggy, Zomato etc as clients.
  • How big : 2.5 million files carrying customer data ( names, phone numbers, billing and delivery address of customers ) 643GB of data.
  • When did it happen : As early as December 2020
  • What…

Security policy in Facebook has to be reworked.

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I share news and Lessons to make possible a safer cyber experience. cyber security educator. ex-McAfee, Consultant snyk.io,sonatype.

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