A step by step graphical tutorial on setting up Kali Linux on your windows box

Step 1 :

Download VMWare Workstation Player ( for windows ) and the Kali Linux ISO. ( Alternatively, you can directly download the VMWare image for Kali Linux directly — But we will be doing the first option )

Step 2 :

Install the VMWare Environment ( straight forward )

Step 3 :

From your VMWare setup, start your installation process ( select the Graphical Install option )


What are the major flaws in Ring , Bus and Star topologies

Ring Topology

Bus Topology

With a bus topology, all devices are connected to a single cable, often called the backbone. A major flaw in the bus topology is that it can’t handle a large amount of data.

Over 90% of LinkedIn user data leaked

What has been leaked ?

  • email addresses
  • full names
  • phone numbers
  • physical addresses
  • geolocation records
  • LinkedIn username
  • profile URL
  • personal and professional experience or background
  • genders
  • other social media accounts and usernames.

When was it leaked ?

On June 21, the news was out in a forum with the data out for sale.

How do we know about it ?

An unverified message…

How to merge multiple files and dedupe the lines in the files

  • What are the steps to dedupe the entries in multiple file ?
  1. sort them
  2. dedupe the entries in the file

Unix Solution :

Lets say we have 3 files (file1.txt file2.txt file3.txt)from which you want to extract the unique lines —

How to prevent some common mistakes in grep

1. Searching for special characters

When you have to search some words using grep and those words have special characters in them, you have to be careful and use the -F parameter in grep command

Lets take an example .

If you have a password file ( lets say pass.txt ) with hashed passwords ( lets say sha1 encryption )

$ grep ‘sha1$’ pass.txt …

How to clean up your dictionary file for bruteforce attack

How to find and remove duplicate words in your dictionary file

Why do you need to do this ?

At some point in time when you learn cracking passwords, you will have to end up creating your custom dictionaries . Over time these dictionaries grow as you add in more words . And that’s when you find it important to remove the duplicates from this file .

Enter Unix

View the dictionary file

$ cat 1.txt password

Unix Solution :

sort 1.txt | uniq > out.txt

University of Hertfordshire, UK joins the new list of varsities that have faced a bout of cyber attack



On April 2021, University of Hertfordshire reported a disruption in their online activities, particularly services like online classrooms, zoom & Team meetings, Wi-Fi , email services and VPNs. [1]

The aftermath of LinkedIn data leak of 500 Million Users

Data from 500M LinkedIn profiles was available for sale


Early April 2021, LinkedIn officially confirmed that data of around 500 Million of its users were scrapped and put for sale. Here is the official communique from LinkedIn [1].

What we know so far about the Bizongo.com data breach

From the bizongo.com site
  • How big : 2.5 million files carrying customer data ( names, phone numbers, billing and delivery address of customers ) 643GB of data.
  • When did it happen : As early as December 2020
  • What…

Security policy in Facebook has to be reworked.

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I share news and Lessons to make possible a safer cyber experience. cyber security educator. ex-McAfee, Consultant snyk.io,sonatype.

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